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California is currently ranked as the 26th healthiest state in the United States, according to the 2010 health rankings from the UHF (United Health Foundation). California has the second-highest number of smokers, and experiences the second-highest amount of occupational fatalities each year. Despite being known for its sunshine and beautiful weather, the state also statistically has the worst air pollution in America. Fortunately, although there is an ongoing demand for California health insurance as the population of the state continues to increase each year, the majority of Californians already have health insurance. If you are among the minority of Californians that does not yet have a health insurance plan, then you may want to consider the following information pertaining to reasons to purchase California health insurance, the various types available, and how to receive free quotes online.

Types of California Health Insurance
There are five main types of California health insurance plans offered – individual/family health insurance, short term (temporary) health insurance, Medicare, children’s health insurance, and small business health insurance. Children’s health insurance and Medicare are usually the least expensive, with individual and family health insurance plans being the next most affordable. Each kind of California health insurance plan is designed to accommodate the needs of a different group of individuals, with the most popular type of insurance being those geared towards individuals and families. It is important to note that there are various plan sizes within each type of health insurance, and each plan has different coverage terms and conditions.

Reasons to Purchase California Health Insurance
On average, the majority of American citizens will visit a hospital at least once in every seven year period. In fact, more than half of all bankruptcies filed in the United States are directly caused by a sudden accident or medical condition. Each year, there are new developments and enhancements in medical technology that improve our ability to fight various diseases and relieve symptoms. Unfortunately, with these advancements come additional costs, which are either paid for by the patient or an insurance company. By having a California health insurance plan you can not only cut the cost of doctor visits in half, you can also minimize or completely eliminate thousands of dollars in medical bills each year. Whether you have a chronic medical condition or you are completely healthy, there is always a possibility that an accident can occur or an underlying medical condition can be discovered. Sadly, once you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition your monthly costs of health insurance will skyrocket, so it is best to purchase a California health insurance plan while you are still healthy.

California Temporary Health Insurance
The state of the economy in California is no secret and the news is reporting daily the number of people who have been laid off or let go permanently as a result. Because of this, more and more people are seeking California temporary health insurance to keep them covered in between jobs. Also, there are growing numbers of college graduates who are looking for work and need coverage in the meantime along with those who have counted themselves among the lucky and have found work but have as yet had their benefits packages kick in.

How California Temporary Health Insurance Works
Generally speaking, temporary health insurance can be in effect anywhere from one month to perhaps a year. Sometimes this is called a ‘short term’ health insurance plan and most of the leading insurance companies do have a number of options available. One of the things you should know however is that when you buy a temporary (short term) health insurance plan in the State of California you will automatically be disqualified for what is called a HIPPA plan that is guaranteed issue. Actually, that isn’t altogether a bad thing as HIPPA plans are also extremely expensive but are great for individuals with pre-existing conditions. It is one feasible alternative to someone who needs health insurance, even temporarily, but is ineligible for California temporary health insurance.

Understanding the HIPPA Act
In order to better understand the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, it should be understood that it was legislated just for individuals with pre-existing health conditions. Because of this law no one can be refused insurance but it does pose problems in other areas. One good example is in terms of short term health insurance. Once you have taken out a temporary policy you will automatically be disqualified for any benefits under the HIPPA Act. Therefore, if you have any pre-existing conditions make sure to divulge them when searching for California temporary health insurance.

Benefits of California Short Term Health Insurance
Of course the major benefit is health insurance during those times when you are unemployed and not eligible for health insurance through your place of employment. However, you will find that the application for temporary insurance is not as complicated as those for more permanent plans. Turnaround times are much quicker and amazingly, you could be covered as quickly as midnight that very same day! As mentioned, pre-existing conditions will not be covered because this type of insurance is really meant to be in place for catastrophic issues. Also, in the same vein, most often preventative care will not be covered and deductibles tend to be a bit higher. And finally, temporary health insurance plans are prepaid for at least on term if not more.

How to Receive Free California Health Insurance Quotes
The process of receiving a free California health insurance quote online is as simple as typing in your zip code and a few other personal details. In general, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire before several quotes from various insurance companies are presented to you. The questionnaire may include questions such as what age group you are in, whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions (you may be asked to list such conditions), whether you currently have a health insurance plan, and (for group insurance plans) information pertaining to the number of members in your group/family and the personal details of each member. Depending on the type of website you use, after completing the questionnaire you’ll be shown a plethora of California health insurance quotes from various insurance companies within your region. Alternatively, you can also receive free quotes over the phone by calling each insurance company individually, however this would be a much more time-consuming process.

It is easy to get several quotes to compare simply by searching online. Check out quotes from an assortment of the most well established and reliable companies but also look at quotes from smaller, lesser known insurance companies as well. Bear in mind that quotes will vary between companies, but certain coverages might also affect the premiums as well. Some companies might require paying the entire policy up front while others might only want you to pay one term in advance. Keep cost in mind but also pay attention to the coverages you receive as well. You will find that sometimes you get better coverage for less money if you just take the time to look. Whether you are between jobs or just starting out in life, health insurance is an absolute must and California temporary health insurance can provide the coverage you need until you are covered by a more permanent plan.

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